Brand Makeover

Brand makeover | Renovating or Reinventing ?

Over the time your Business deteriorates; like a puff of a cloud over head. No one notices. Until well it is too sunny to look for a shade and you find none.

Others remain zombies in the hood devoid of enough brains to survive the cataclysm. As infectious as it can get- endemic that it has become. There’s A sea change in how a Brand can be retrospected as something of a value that had any essence to any person as a product or a memory. Perception of a Brand has been fluctuating with varied degree but the underlying principle and the philosophy remains the same.

If you as a Brand have failed. Failed big time that is and are cringing over the fact that you`ve got barely enough to rather keep breathing with some saturation; then maybe it`s about time- you either quit! Ok sarcasm aside. We mean you quit upon the sea of disappointment you’ve been floating upon. Time to latch on to something that can revive your brand.

Plain bland makeover would just keep things glamorous at the superficial which washes off too very soon waning the investment that would better have been done on patching the infra of the business. Sometimes a simple tweak doesn’t do it for you. If you are an msme and look for a renovation may be you should contemplate otherwise. Rebuilding needs a complete overhauling of the structure- pillar to post. You demolish the rust. You build from the scratch again. It takes a little bit of time, a host of efforts and some patience to get there. You “revive” a brand that has been in a shock, traumatized and bed ridden. Revival is for the crippled you see. Resurrection is for the dead and the doomed. When you have become a brand dodo. All you gotta do is- go back to the root! Demolish it and start again. Bit by bit. Brick by brick.

Investing in a better infra to start with helps in the long run if it is integrated with a team that values in the vision and mission of the venture and the brand. A brand is a brand as long is its gardened and guardian`ed.

It’s a moment of joy and a pride as we head over to Hannover this march to showcase our IT MEDIA & CONSULTING prowess at world`s largest IT showcase CeBIT.

For a range of services we cater to and to avail invites for CEBIT 2017 Hannover, at the sjain desk at stall no. 4 hall no. D 11/10 head over See ya at CeBIT 2017.


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