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According to UN report on “World Economic Situation and Prospects 2016″, India is the brightest spark in today’s gloomy global economic environment. The report projects that we will be the fastest growing large economy in 2016, registering a growth of 7.3 percent and all this is because of the young entrepreneurs of Young India who are dominating the Global trade scenario. Not only the IT Hubs and metro cities are rolling high but even the states with major tribal population ratio have come up to join the boom. And this has been proved yet again by Chhattisgarh’s young and notable entrepreneur Mr. Shreyansh Jain, Director of Sjain Ventures Limited.

Sjain Ventures Limited, one of the proud names in Digital World, has been recognized by the country in a very short span of 6 years. The company has been selected among the 10 national business houses to represent India in CeBIT 2016. CeBIT Fair is the highest platform for all the latest trends and the product innovations from all over the world. It will feature a stellar line-up of inspiring international and local keynote speakers from the spheres of industry, government  and technology. It is the largest show for the IT professionals and it is the greatest privilege for any company to get selected by the Government of India. The Indian Government provides the subsidy for selected companies and it is all because of Mr. Shreyansh, that Chhattisgarh will showcase its real potential on the world graph.

Recently, Mr. Shreyansh Jain was live at 94.3 MY FM and was addressing Raipurians through ‘My Icon’ with RJ Diva.

When asked for Shreyansh Jain’s ‘Jiyo Dil se Moment’, He promptly answered that, he is the man who endows every point of second with full of life, high zeal and in a way never before. He has the caliber to distinguish in between virtual and reality and walk with proud ensuring his efforts at its best.

An average school student achieved more than the rest at a young age of 25, which is something to talk about and was the thing which has lightened the paths of many youngsters of Raipur. Not only at the work sphere but also arenas relating music, like Guitar playing and a six year degree in Tabla, sports comprising cricket and state level badminton and so on have been accomplished by Mr. Shreyansh at an early age which is incredible on his behalf.

Developed skills of mature thought process and dreamt of being a scientist & researcher at an early age but gradually tilted towards entrepreneurship at IIT Bombay. He laid the foundation of his dream venture in 2009 and took it to thesky heights. He firmly believed on three factors- vision, focus and determination which has turned out be the success factors in his life.

Talking about the future plans and vision, Mr. Shreyansh brought a bright smile on the faces of the listeners with his views. He mentioned about his coming project regarding IT Park at Naya Raipur which will create a job opportunity for around 3000 individuals. Mr. Shreyansh was always a step ahead in filling up the gap between the skilled professionals and fresh job vacancies. From the very beginning, He has opted to fuse this gap with more and more opportunities rather than just focusing his own credit limits. His clear vision and determined dedication surely helped him in achieving what he is known for.

The entire show was a hit and awesome reverts of Mr. Shreyansh Jain at every move made it simply worth listening and a fab one.

The entire team of Sjain ventures has congratulated and extended their warm regards to Mr. Shreyansh Jain for being the impellent and a strong mechanism of vision and mission.

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