KK Concert

When Singer KK joined hands with Sjain Ventures for the Live in Concert

The entire concert turned out to be a massive hit with prominent digital presence

When Singer KK joined hands with Sjain Ventures for the Live in Concert

Digital marketing is rapidly growing and it has become a need of all businesses and events.  After going through this story, you’ll surely agree! In the era of digitalization, marketing has gone fond of digital domains and is going global with every click. As an outcome of this digi-equation, all sectors are turning their heads towards it.

Events are going huge via digital boosting

Marketing has a magic touch but every recipe has its own secret ingredient and so is in the case of Event management. In 2016, Social platforms such as facebook is playing a vital role in boosting thoughts and generating huge response and aggression on every front. This has been proved once again with Alive India’s Live In Concert of KK along with Sjain Ventures as the proud Digital Media Partner. Sjain Ventures being the Digital Media Partner, created an online event and spread the news in no time through its prominent digital presence and a team of professionals.

A result-oriented event planning in just 3 days

There were only 3 days left for the event when the team got the project. With utmost dedication and excellence, the team delivered its best and stood upto to the expectation. The event news gone viral within a few minutes, all thanks to team’s efficiency and continuous effort which really took hard work, blood & sweat. The massive crowd at the venue on the final day eventually paid off all their hard work.

Right act on the right time

At Sjain Ventures, we know exactly what should be done on which of the social platform to make the news go viral. Time and again, Sjain Ventures has proved why the company stands tall among all and why it’s worth investing in.

Usually, it takes months of planning to channelize work. But since, we had limited time in our hands, our team under a truly proficient team leader shot the bull’s eye. At the venue, on the fourth day, it seemed like the whole of Raipur was screaming aloud and updating their status on the social networking sites.

And, trust me, it was truly an amazing experience for the entire team, who from the first day of planning to the last minute till the show went off, left no stone unturned & gone extra mile to make the event successful.

A successful event requires, proper event planning, canvassing on the print media, jingles & creatives for electronic media, and a prominent digital existence with an impactful push in the right direction. And for all these, switch to Sjain Ventures, your one-stop solution.

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