What’s in a Brand name?

What’s in a Brand name?

“For many a non-profit organizations and consumers good companies, their brand is, along with their people the most important asset they have” – John A. Quelch (Harvard Business School)
Behold the brand!
Vying for an identity that strikes out and sustain in the ever waddling market is a nerve wrecker for the existing as well as the up and coming enterprises. Your key to a prospering blooming business is a good brand identity.
While the best practice towards a better brand building is to first to be actually the best in terms of the services and products one provide. That’s the first step. And that’s where majority of the successful wanna be and prospects get stuck and start waning out, like the coke fizzles. Well, that reminds of Coke, the soda giant. How far a fizzling carbonated water would go? From being sold as nerve soothing tonic to quenching the singe of the sun? Presto! The Spenserian script! A simple logo that has taken the high calorie aqueous palate to more than 200 countries since 1885, with billions and billions in annual turnover. The white bottle logo negating the rubicund background is the mark of the beverage giant that has pierced into the hearts, minds and tastes across generations and genera of populace and popularity. The sodas have evolved and various other contiguous products have been clattered in the market for various segments of the society that have consistently generated revenue and a brand value that is stacked high in the mind of the consumer. The only thing that has remained the same for over 120 years is its Spenserian script logo that was revamped for a decade but then post war went back to the originals. There`s two essential factor to be learnt from the coke story or rather history.
(1) Services &
(2) Sustainability
Most of the service providers and enterprises go through the burn of Brand Fatigue and sustainability over the course of years. Here`s where the set and proven example of the leaders enlighten us. Keep calm and sustain the brand.
Sjain has virtually followed these principles with penchant of an alchemist with the Midas touch, creating, renovating and sustaining brands for companies and enterprises that have regenerated and redeemed.
Case study
Mental Ice cream
For over a decade the Ice cream manufacturer even after a successful business in the state was going through an identity crisis which we resolved though our strategic Branding. We redefined the identity of the enterprise with a new name, the usual vigorous online campaigns and the principle of all-revamping the vestiges into productive entity. Mental is a name to reckon with in the state today with a renewed online presence and a brand that racks with the likes of the national bigwigs.

Unlike other copycat, template hackers, we access the principles and cores of the client and provide them with the solutions and alternatives to suit their demand and of course the wallet.
Once the ground work is done, a feasibility layout is generated to give a wider scope and a laymen perspective for the client and the benefiter. This helps ease the headache of analysis and research on the part of the client; and save time and multiple reviews, making the whole branding campaign cost effective.

The essence of Branding lies not in the vector logo and the catchy tagline, rather it lies in the services one offers as a brand. That’s what sustains a brand. A brand that is promising and assuring is the Brand that gets bespoke into a Branding Shangri-La by Sjain.

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