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Unlock The Health Secrets With Sjain Ventures On World Health Day

Health is the vital part of human life and it’s also the most neglected side. Knowing this well, Sjain Ventures has pledged to make Chhattisgarh – a healthy state. Sjain is the pioneer of innovation in the tribal land and has always envisioned the future for a prosperous tomorrow. The team led by IITians and highly passionate professionals have successfully shaped the state into a booming IT hub with an International presence. And now the team heads toward the health segment to make lives healthier & happier than ever.

To ensure the health of all, Sjain Ventures have collaborated with the most promising health center – NHMMI Narayana as the proud digital media partner and is continuously marching towards the healthy goal. Previously, Sjain has made few of the most successful attempts including NH Walkathon to create awareness among the people. And this time, on the eve of World Health Day, Sjain has planned to make everyone healthy and aware.

On April 07, as the World come closer to celebrate World Health Day, Sjain Ventures will be preparing for the biggest gathering of the folks at the NHMMI Narayana premises. The health experts at NHMMI Narayana will be available for a free OPD. The event has been planned with a theme called – ‘Are You Covered?’ This is the foremost question that is being frequently asked. But do you have the right answer? Well, many of us don’t! People generally take a yoga session or a walk to mark the day but never seek for the answers related to health concerns.

This made the team take a vow and find the right answer to address the situation. This World Health Day, allow yourself to live a healthy life. Come to NHMMI Narayana premises (10:00 AM – 06:00 PM) and consult the health experts. Let’s join hands and make this World Health Day, truly healthy. 

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