Transmitting information becomes easy in wearable devices by faster and less power Wi-Fi chip

Transmitting information becomes easy in wearable devices by faster and less power Wi-Fi chip

Several scientists including the scientists from NASA have developed a Wi-Fi microchip which can be used for wearable devices to transmit information and for less consumption of power than the normal receivers. Researchers said that if power is required to transmit and receive information from a wearable device to PC then Wi-Fi or cellular network will be reduced and the users can get more mileage out of the technology that they are using prior to recharge.


Adrian Tang of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California and M C Frank Chang at the University of California, Los Angeles were working on microchips which reflect wireless signals instead of using regular transmitters and receivers for wearable devices. Their solutions pass on information up to 3 times faster than the normal Wi-Fi. Tang and his colleagues got the challenge, the wearable device is not the single object in the room which reflects signals- so do floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and other objects also that are happen to be around.


The chip used in the wearable devices must differentiate between the reflection from the background and the Wi-Fi signal. Tang and Chang made a wireless silicon chip to overcome background reflections, which constantly senses and suppresses those reflections in the background allowing the Wi-Fi signal to be transmitted devoid of intrusion from nearby objects. A Wi-Fi service and base station are necessary for the system to work. To reimburse for low power drain on the wearable, the computer or other technology which it is communicating with should have a long battery life or be plugged in. There are a huge number of potential applications for the new technology which includes in space. For example, robotic spacecraft and astronauts could potentially utilize this technology to transmit images at a lower cost to their valuable power supplies. This may also enable more images to be sent at a time.



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