Successful launch of Sun & Sun Jeweller’s by Sjain Ventures Ltd

Revamping their existing market presence, Sjain Ventures successfully launched Sun & Sun Jeweller’s with renewed branding.

Sun & Sun Jeweller’s started in the year 2000 initially as a whole sale business of Gold jewelry. After its successful business in diversified sectors, it also started business in the field of Diamond and Silver Jewelry besides the retail business. In a rather small expanse of time, the company earned the trust of public with respect to the purity of Ornaments and fair dealing.

The company has earned the name in this field by the business of quality based products. In gold and diamond products, the quality is measured by the purity of Gold in terms of Percentage and not by Karat measurement. In the showroom the products with Hallmark Jewels in addition to ISO Certificate are sold.

Sjain Ventures Ltd has taken a lot of efforts to make the general populace know Sun & Sun Jeweller’s and their brand. With the successful launch there is a powerful impact of the same and the possibilities are limitless and immense.

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