Sjain Ventures team visits Madku Dweep

Sjain Ventures team visits Madku Dweep

Ask any company to define their culture, and you’ll hear something to the tune of “we work hard and play hard”. Some just say it, some show it but, here at Sjain Ventures we MEAN IT. Whenever things get too crazy and hectic in the office, we take a break. After a tiresome Diwali and New Year over-work, the team of Sjain Ventures decided to take the load off and run in search of fun and recreation. And this time we rushed to unveil a glorious hidden religious treasure at Madku Dweep.

January 07, 2017

It was a Saturday morning, the sky was cloudy and the cool breeze was blowing. We decided to leave for Madku Dweep at 5 in the morning, which is just 79-kilometers from the Raipur –perfect gateway from the city clutter life. Instead of usual bhajan & kirtans, this time our morning began with loud music in the bus. All the yo-yo fans were fully charged to mark the day. With music and songs, the two hour journey passed like minutes and we reached our destination.

The place mesmerized us with its sheer beauty. We all were completely astonished seeing the beauty of the place; it was a baby island of soul-stirring beauty and important historical monuments. The day began with exploring the dweep — the unique geographical structure of the temple, natural beauty, cultural significance and historic importance made it a brilliant experience. Exciting games, singing (we’ve bad-bad singers!) & badminton competitions at the spot made it a memorable journey to cherish for life. Subsequently, all the members showed their team spirit in cooking as well. The scrumptious self cooked food made us energetic and our trip successful.

Spending another few hours running around, climbing trees and clicking pictures, the day passed and we moved towards our bus to go back. We packed things and made our way back home.

We believe work culture plays an important role in bringing the best out of the employees and making them stay in the organization for a longer duration. A company picnic is a great way to provide a bonding experience between all the employees and team leads.

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