Sjain Ventures celebrates Republic Day with great patriotic enthusiasm & joy

Sjain Ventures celebrates Republic Day with great patriotic enthusiasm & joy

January 26, 1950 the day the Constitution of India, prepared by drafting committee headed by Dr B R Ambedkar, came into force and replaced the existing Government of India Act, 1935. On the 68th celebration of Republic Day 2017, Sjain Ventures commemorate the day by remembering the journey of becoming a sovereign democratic republic.

Republic Day was celebrated by the team of Sjain Ventures with great patriotic fervor. Celebrations on this special day begin with the hoisting ceremony of the National Flag by the Mr Pavan Dhakate followed by National Anthem. Everyone including employees, contractual employees, associates, office boys actively join in to celebrate the day and make it a memorable occasion.

The office was decorated with tricolor balloons & flags. All the employees were wearing the traditional white dresses to mark the occasion. Special amusing games and recreational activities were arranged in which all employees actively participated and had fun. The day was celebrated amidst great enthusiasm and joy. The patriotic fervor was seen among the staff on this day that brings the whole office together even in embedded diversity. The event highlighted the spirit of patriotism among the new generation and created the feelings of responsibility towards the family, society and the country as a whole.

A short motivational speech was also given by Shreyansh Jain, Sjain Ventures Founder & Managing Director which was applauded by all.
At last, scrumptious snacks was arranged and distributed to all. The employees greeted each other warmly and captured the memories to cherish for long.

Warm Greetings on the occasion of Republic Day to all!

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