Sjain Ventures Celebrated Republic Day with Gaiety and Fervor

Sjain Ventures Ltd., the torchbearer of Digital Marketing in the state, celebrated the 67th Republic Day with gaiety and enthusiasm. Dr.Sunita Jain, Additional Director, Educational Department, hoisted the national flag at a ceremonial function held at corporate office based in Vallabh Nagar, Raipur.

Sjain Ventures did not celebrate the day as a conventionalism but took the entire event on the digital platform to enhance the reach and connect to the soul of the event. The proud venture initiated Click n Win Contest with a tri-colored theme trending as #SelfiewithFlag. This has received a tremendous success on the social platform and is still on a roll. Sjain Ventures has expanded and touched many hearts with its initiative. Entire Chhattisgarh and the people around celebrated the festival with us and made it a huge HIT.

The enthusiastic team of Sjain Venture family too participated with the spirit of India and not for the cherished prize. The zeal and gust of the entire team was very high. The Venture vowed to work for ‘Development of the Society’ through its determined contribution in ‘Digital India’, ‘Women Empowerment’, ‘Swachh Bharat’, and such.

Senior administrators, employees and their family members, who had gathered during the national event, felt a strong patriotic upsurge, when songs on patriotism were presented by employees as a whole.

The employees were seen wearing traditional swadeshi attires displaying zeal and zest for the Republic day.

The message conveyed by the managing director Mr. Shreyansh Jain imbibed the concern for the same paralleling the need of creating the non-existent and flourishing it in the IT domain with élan and panache. He also stressed the importance of celebrating the national festivals with one accord and the need for a democracy in every spheres of life including the corporate sector. Democracy brings in discipline which is an integral part of a successful venture and must be incorporated in personal lives as well.

Entire event was a hit with the active participation of the members of Sjain Ventures. One could feel the patriotic fervor when the entire congregation of the employees sang the national anthem in unison. There were various activities held with prizes to be won. The employees’ participated in the same with much enthusiasm.

The event was followed by a small get together with refreshments at the office premises.

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