Sjain launched ABSOLUTE FIT with Amy Jackson

Sjain launched ABSOLUTE FIT with Amy Jackson

Raipurians went gaga when Amy Jackson, a British model and actress, who appeared in many Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films visited the newly inaugurated fitness center, ABSOLUTE FIT.

The event which was entirely planned, organized and executed by Sjain Ventures, was highly appreciated and encouraged by all. Our client ABSOLUTE FIT shared their success of its huge opening with us.

It is worth mentioning that Absolute Fit is the most reliable & fully equipped fitness center which can help you bring change in yourself that you have always dreamt of. Absolute Fit believes in customer satisfaction and has result-oriented approach towards the fitness regime.

Sjain Ventures came forward to help grow the company and did the branding, online campaign and events for Absolute Fit.

From digital marketing to visualizing, crafting and installing banners, standees, hoardings etc. in prominent places in Raipur and Bhilai, our team worked diligently to reach more and more people for our client.

The team well planned the concept to promote the worth of Absolute Fit so that Raipurians can take its benefit to the fullest. The team of content writers and graphic designers helped in promoting Absolute Fit through various social networking platforms. A group of our young intellectuals also sat with the client to discuss their need and also shared their own ideas to work without any hurdles.

The motto of Sjain Ventures was purely to provide the best facilities to our client and the star without any hindrance and with the hard-work and team efforts, we achieved it.

Amy Jackson also thanked Sjain Ventures for the kind hospitality and wished us success and strength.

We are contented and it was a pleasure to work as we believe in executing the contracts in the most efficient manner. We are really pleased with how things went down well.

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