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Sjain expands base internationally with branches at Germany & Turkey

Sjain Ventures, the most trusted IT, MEDIA & CONSULTING hub of Central India has continuously been scaling new heights year after year. However this year it’s special. Sjain Ventures has expanded wings by setting up two international branches: at Hanover, Germany & Istanbul in Turkey. This is definitely going a long way in facilitating international clientele with better services. 
It all started with a vision
Sjain Ventures has been participating in the world’s biggest IT trade fair in Hanover consecutively for the last two years. The visitors at the Sjain stall at CEBIT – Germany always appreciated the innovative approaches and cost-effective services provided by the company. Many of them were of the idea that we should plan out our global set up. This seeded our visions and nurtured the higher aspirations further. 
And since then, the team is moving in the same direction and finally we’ve gone global in 2018. So, what’s in the bucket? World-class IT solutions, Media works & Consulting is what Sjain is known for and the team ensures all this at our branches. That will surely help us to take Chhattisgarh to the global dais with a new tag, 
On this very special achievement, Managing Director of the Company, Shreyansh Jain has congratulated the entire team and has praised every single individual for their contribution.

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