Shri Bansilal Jain, Indian Independence Activist Passed Away

Shri Bansilal Jain, Indian Independence Activist Passed Away

It is with great sorrow we regret to inform you that Shri Bansilal Jain, a senior political activist, speaker, Indian Independence activist and a renowned social worker passed away on September 30 during the course of treatment. Shri Bansilal Jain was a resident of Dhamtari district and breathed his last at the age of 86.

Shri Bansilal Jain was the grandfather of Sjain Ventures’ Director Shreyansh Jain and under his guidance and support only achieved success in life. “He was not just a great husband, father and grandfather but a wonderful human being who fought hard to work for the welfare of the society and country as a whole”, says Shreyansh Jain. MD of Sjain Ventures, Shreyansh Jain credited his success to his grandfather under whom he learned not just to be successful in life but to be a kind human being.

Shri Bansilal Jain was known as a man of his words in political world. He was an active member of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and gave his best. Despite earning abundant name, fame and success in life, he was recognized for his down to earth attitude and was very close to general public. His ready-to-help attitude was respected and loved by all. Shri Bansilal Jain was also a religious person who kept on reciting ramayan till his last breathe. He was a strong believer of Lord Mahavir who through his life followed his teaching and principles of nonviolence and honesty.

The demise of Shri Bansilal Jain is an irreplaceable loss not just to society but also in political world. Shri Bansilal Jain was the father of Bhojraj ji, Bhurchand ji, Hemchand ji and Mohanlal ji.

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