Raipur. The capital is one of the fastest growing city in the country. The youths here are in constant quest of exploring new horizons in art, culture, education and technology.

When it comes to entertainment, nothing can beat the spirits of Raipurians. This warmth and madness was felt in the Shirley Setia Live Concert on June 16th ‘2017.

The event was a super hit with folks arriving from every quarter of the city and state.

The grand event was organized at Balbir Singh Juneja Indoor Stadium in Raipur. This was Shirley Setia’s first ever LIVE concert in Raipur and the Indo-Kiwi Singing Sensation truly mesmerized the crowd with her golden voice. The youtube singing diva set the stage on fire belting Bollywood numbers and made the crowd swoon and rock n roll on the beats.

The event, promoted by Sjain Ventures, received a huge response on the digital canvas, garnering a massive crowd to the stadium. The team at Sjain worked out on the marketing strategy and promoted the event in a never before way getting the digital crowd over the internet hooked in. This was the first time when any music concert in the town attracted had a turn around in hundreds.

It was definitely an electrifying performance by Setia which didn’t let a single feet rest till the last beat. The crowd was totally mad and enjoyed thoroughly. This event surely drizzled in the sweltering Raipur; the voice kept echoing in the atmosphere even after several hours the show called off.

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