Pragati Engineering College

Seminar at Pragati Engineering College

Training, development and education are important to an individual’s growth and an organization’s success. Engaged, motivated and trained employees are committed to achieving both personal and organizational goals. Positive employee morale and satisfaction lead to better performance, higher productivity levels, less employee turnover and reduced expenses for an organization. Therefore the company Sjain Ventures conducted a seminar at Pragati Engineering College.

The company’s experienced corporate managers served as strategic partners in order to understand the college’s specific business needs, challenges and requirements. The consultative and collaborative approach allows the college students to develop a sound strategy with clear objectives and outcomes. The insight the company gained through the strategic approach will ensure the students receive competency-based, innovative and results-driven training, by the best trainers. The student were left wanting for more of the sessions and were promised for an upcoming similar training, to which they exulted with joy. Depending on the type of training -experiential, interactive or virtual training Corporate Strategies by Sjain Ventures has the best resources in the industry.

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