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Raipur Uncovered Marketing Secrets at the First-Ever Marketing Conclave of Chhattisgarh with Sjain Ventures

The stiffed boundaries of marketing are dissolving at a faster rate. As the new technologies are emerging, the marketing strategies also need to be re-structured and process needs to be re-designed. To succeed and to scale the heights, young entrepreneurs, industry tycoons, marketing analyst and all needs to have a clear insight of the market trends on a daily basis. The most efficient platform for discussing the latest thoughts and marketing concepts is, of course, a conclave where influential experts share brilliant ideas. But there was no such platform has ever build in Chhattisgarh. This created a vacuum in the marketing sphere in the state.

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To fill the void, IIM Raipur came up with INFLUENCE, the first ever Marketing Conclave of the tribal land. The event was a part of the annual business fest EQUINOX of IIM, Raipur which was held on March 11th ‘2018. Digital Media Partner of the event was Sjain Ventures.

The event brought the most ignited minds of the era under a roof. The keynote speakers of the event were Mr. Apurva Chamaria (Chief Revenue officer, RainGate), Ms. Nischala Murthy Kaushik (Global Marketing Head, Wipro Limited), Mr. Ashok Lalla (Digital Business Advisor), Mr. Kushal Sanghvi (Business Head, Reliance Entertainment and Digital) and Mr. Advit Sahdev (Marketing Head,

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Influence acted as the juncture where marketing collided with the 21st-century expertise and helped the attendees to uncover the new age marketing secrets for a successful venture. Team Sjain brainstormed the effective social media campaign for the event and brought the crowd to the venue. Digital Marketing Team planned smart strategies which made it viral on social media platforms and the campaign turned out a massive hit. This hiked the demand of the passes immediately and passes got sold out in less time.

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