Presentation in KITE

Sjain Venture presented its corporate story in Kruti Institute of Technology and Engineering in September 2013.The vision and mission of the company, its competitors and current rate growth of the company. Its services and the future plans of the company were also presented in the presentation.

Kruti Institute of Technology and Engineering campus offers stimulating learning and self-development opportunities to students and aims at helping them develop into good class engineering talents, who will contribute to building a future of mankind. Spread over a sprawling campus with state of the art building and academic facilities.

The additional value addition modules, virtual lectures of industry experts, industry visits, case studies, symposiums, seminars, guest lectures and workshops will enrich technical, management and social skills. Training and placement department is established to prepare the students to face the interviews and identify their carrier goals. Strong academics and discipline leads to successful placement and carrier. The Wi-Fi campus is available for easy access to student portal, digital library and internet for high speed connectivity.

The presentation opened a plethora of avenues in front of the students to vie for, with an offer of joining hands with Sjain ventures and grow exponentially.

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