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Mobile Apps: Revenue Cultivator of E-Commerce

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With the coming of the ‘Mobile Applications’, a novel marketing concept in E-marketing, the entire scenario of the business development and information technology landscape evolved on a larger periphery. Industries across the overseas are merging the innovation with their business system to bring out the best in the industry. Professionals and junkies in the IT sector need to get ready for the change that is evoking the IT domain.

According to a report put by Cisco, the total count of mobile-connected gadgets will surpass the population living on the planet, and global mobile data traffic will amplify 13-fold between 2012 and 2017. That’s really trending!! And what trends simultaneously is the growing demand of applications that could be the revenue booster for game players in the mobile development and sales sector. On a league of its own Sjain Ventures ltd. being the profound digital marketing house, provides the best in class mobile applications that are both easy to handle, cost efficient and revenue generator.

What does Mobile Apps mean?

According to an online reference, the term encompasses those software applications which are designed so as to run on smartphones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices. These software provide mission critical services to internal and external users in trade, as well as innumerable convenience and entertainment options to the consumers.

Adequate availability of dynamic mobile devices along with the evolution of cloud data storage have drastically sublimed the potency and value of mobile apps in a very short span. Tremendous increase in the usage of smart phones and tablets by the public domain gave a huge push to the mobile app market to take more money to a contractor’s bottom line.

Mobile apps are truly ancillary for the Corporates as mobile applications has unzipped a whole new world of customer engagement. Pockets of free time gained during morning commute, waiting in line for movie tickets and sitting in a doctor’s office etc., are such leisure which can be directed into your brand by an app in the smartphones. There are multiple reasons for an enterprise to develop its own app segment, this includes:

IT Solution

  1. Customer Engagement
  2. Customer Service and Support
  3. Promotion
  4. Online Sales
  1. Customer Engagement

Mobile channel are really useful to connect people in real time anywhere around the globe with complete profile data. If targeted properly all engaged folks could be converted into loyal customers.

  1. Customer Service and Support

Mobile tools help your clients to get in touch in a much simpler way and for absolute feedback, image building and quick connect. This really drives the company forte.

  1. Promotion

Offering coupons is the top ranked method to mint coins. In this mobile adds an utmost layer to the daring coupon economy.

  1. Online Sales

Mobile stores are more crowded than the retails because it has more space than you can imagine and much more to showcase than ever. This drives a heavy traffic and proportionately improves the sales.

Besides, mobile payments, quick delivery, easy return policies, cash on delivery options and more cash back offers on app installment are the rolling stones which is empowering the virtual trade on a brighter scale index.

Sjain Ventures believes in Midas touch and we provide the highest value for money service in every aspect with the latest e-technologies and means. We are the most trusted service provider in Chhattisgarh and fastest growing venture globally. For your first slice of biz app and much more, visit us at our Raipur office.

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