Instagram Came Up With a New Quick Edit Feature for Android

A new quick edit feature has came up by the Instagram on its Android app, spotted in version 7.3.0 which is presently not accessible via Google Play.

The last update of Instagram bumped up the version to 7.2.4. We can expect the new version to Google Play soon by the facebook owned company. People can download signed apk file also who can’t wait for the official update to come. This was reported first by Droid-Life.


Instagram on its Android app

In the previous version, users have to click an image and then select filters prior to moving to the final post screen on Instagram app. With the latest update, users are taken to a page where filters can be adjusted after clicking the image with just swiping across the screen. In case someone requires more editing tools, he/she can tap on the “Edit” button placed on the bottom left of the picture. There is also a tag button on the image. Notably, the new edit screen page also shows some nearby locations to select from; though the feature is likely to work only when the GPS on the device is turned on to determine the present location.

Droid-Life consider that the “update seems to be rolling out via server-side update”. We can expect an update from the company in the coming days, though considering that the Google Play India listing was updated last on 20 July and bumped the Instagram app to version 7.2.4.

Instagram added a search bar on the site bringing it closer to its mobile counterpart, last week. Users noticed a simple search bar placed on top of the page while logging into their Instagram accounts on the Web from where they can search for hashtags, profiles and images or videos based on location, just like in the mobile version.

Instagram, earlier this month, allowed users to upload and view high-resolution (1080×1080 pixels) pics, with the changes rolling out to the iOS  and Android apps slowly. The images on the photo-sharing site until now stayed with 640×640 pixels resolution.

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