INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: Simplifying the Complicated Chains of Data

In a tremendous and a hyper competitive phase, the organizations are turning their heads towards exercising their prime focus on reforming the Information Management across the public and private sectors.

What is IM?

It is the infrastructure used to collect, manage, preserve, store and deliver information.
The guiding principles that allow information to be available to the right people at the right time.
The view that all Information, both digital and physical, is an asset that requires proper management
The organizational and social contexts in which information exists

IM: Basket of Multiples

It acts as a can that canopy that encloses all the system and processes within a corporate house which underpin formulation and exploitation of company data base. In terms of technology, information management encloses systems such as:

web content management (CM)

document management (DM)

records management (RM)

digital asset management (DAM)

learning management systems (LM)

learning content management systems (LCM)


enterprise search


IM: In a Broad Sense

However Information Management is much more than just technology. It is about data itself including architecture of datum, metadata, content quality and likewise. Thus it covers up –





Each of these must be individually taken into consideration if the projects are to be succeed.

IM: Major Challenges

Corporate set-ups envisage multiple issues which puzzles the whole circle. The evolution of E-Information surely aggravated the scenario in several ways over the past decade. Frequent information management issues include:

Large number of disparate information management systems.

Little integration or coordination between information systems.

Range of legacy systems requiring upgrading or replacement.

Direct competition between information management systems.

No clear strategic direction for the overall technology environment.

Limited and patchy adoption of existing information systems by staff.

Poor quality of information, including lack of consistency, duplication, and out-of-date information.

Little recognition and support of information management by senior management.

Limited resources for deploying, managing or improving information systems.

Lack of enterprise-wide definitions for information types and values (no corporate-wide taxonomy).

Large number of diverse business needs and issues to be addressed.

Lack of clarity around broader organisational strategies and directions.

Difficulties in changing working practices and processes of staff.

Internal politics impacting on the ability to coordinate activities enterprise-wide.

Executing the information technology tools and resolutions in a mingled, intricate and ever-altering company surroundings is never ever dolly. The issues can only be resolved with the help of well-equipped firms. Firms who provide Information Management service to its clients provides even support for all purposes related to the IM issues.

Sjain Ventures ltd., the prominent digital marketing company assists its client in harnessing their significant source materials by emphatic usage of suitable technology, with an apparent sight and stable executive sponsorship. This outlook permits exclusive dynamic domains, such as finance, supply chain, human resources, sales and marketing, and customer service to uniformly interact with each other in response to organizational issues and opportunities. Besides, Sjain Ventures also provides collateral services in digital marketing, branding, media solutions and consulting.

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