Commemorating the 70th Independence Day at their head office in Vallabh Nagar Raipur, SJAIN ventures ltd. the tricolor was hoisted in all its glory, with the sjain family and friends present at the occasion.
On this auspicious occasion Sjain Ventures released a tribute to the national anthem “jana-gana-mana-hai” with an anthem video that garnered hearty response from viewers across the social media platform.
The ceremony commenced with a word of prayer and homage to the heroes who fought for the freedom of the country by Dr. Sunita Jain. She invoked the gathered with a message of hope and freedom that our forefathers gave their lives for that freedom be our birthright.
The tricolor was hoisted by Ms. Divya Jain in the august presence of the founder and MD of the venture Shreyansh. With a stomping salute to the pride of the nation, national anthem was sung in unison as the in-house drone captured the moments for a keepsake, the video of which you can find in the sjain Facebook page at the following link – Click Here


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