Independence Day Celebration at Sjain Ventures– Lets Salute the Nation

SJain Ventures celebrated the Nations 69 th Independence Day, with great enthusiasm and

national pride. The celebration for Independence Day brings in a wave of patriotism among all

employees. During the celebration, there was superb enthusiasm in every employee. Lots of

flags and tricolor balloons were arranged for the special occasion that was enough to evoke the

patriotic feeling for each of us.

Many employees were wearing the traditional dress as well. Participation in the celebration

was in full flow and that was very much visible. The celebration started with all employees

singing the National Anthem, which was followed by a short, motivational speech from

company Founder & Managing Director Mr. Shreyansh Jain. This was followed by a special Quiz

based on the Independence Day which had chocolates as prize for the correct answer. It got a

very hearting response. Everybody participated and lots of prizes were distributed. Many tried

and failed but yet continued trying in hope to win atleast one chocolate. There were light

snacks for all. The tempting dishes were complementing with the pleasant weather. At last,

everybody geared up for the week-end with the motive of clicking and posting snaps of the

“Independent India”. Overall, it was the perfect Independence Day celebration that each

employee will have in memories for a long time.

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