SJAIN ventures- first company in Chhattisgarh to bring on-board IITains

IITians pitch in Chhattisgarh, and maybe it’s the best time

SJAIN ventures- first company in Chhattisgarh to bring on-board IITains
the best brains of the nation to overhaul the state of CG

There is a movement happening as you read this. The protagonists are IITians and Sjain Ventures, a Chhattisgarh based service provider for IT, Media and Consulting.

Since June 2016, Sjain, spearheaded by Shreyansh Jain an IITian himself is busy attracting diverse pool of IITian into their crew. What’s even more exciting is that 4 IITians have already joined the company’s top management, calculating the clear sign of significant exposure offered by both Sjain and the young dynamic state of Chhattisgarh.

Shreyansh, who founded the company in 2009 deliberates that the idea of hiring IITians into their team was to bring much needed technological and managerial impetus in Chhattisgarh.

“I had a progressive vision of Chhattisgarh for long. However, I was waiting for the right moment,” states the Founder. “Now, that these IITians have joined our pool of talent, I consider this a significant milestone achieved. With a rich academic background in varied domains, the IITians will permeate precision and perfection with penchant in the organization,” adds Shreyansh.

Sjain is the first ever private company in the state to conduct recruitments drives at IITs and hire these many IITians on such a large scale. It’s a boon to the state that the local talent will synergize with top notch IITians.

The new joinees are Kunal Kumar, Subarna Das, Mangilal Vishnoi and Akshay Sharma from IIT Roorkee. It is to be also noted that all four of them had a previous experience of running successfully various startups and managing their turbulent ecosystem.

“Their wealth of experience, knowledge and skills about startup management highly impressed us. It indicated their open-mindedness, forward looking and innovative approach about life and entrepreneurship in general,” adds Shreyansh.

As such, the deployment of IITians into Sjain, instils a breath of fresh air into an already developing Chhattisgarh that is expanding aggressively in the IT frontiers. With IITians at hand, best known for their unique combination of rigorous thinking, hardwork and fundamentals, the company and the state in process will climb the ladder of progress at much higher pace. At this point, it becomes notable that the region stands amid the ranks of “top three states with highest development spent” thus a good time for IITians to join the bandwagon of Chhattisgarh’s progress.

President Pranab Mukherjee too hailed Chhattisgarh’s new development initiatives and complimented the state leadership for its vision and commitment to sustainability. The state shows a promising growth curve of 7% with per capita income of the state rising to Rs 81,756 in FY16 as compared to Rs 73,758 in FY15.

With this, it seems quite logical to conclude that the Chhattisgarh’s advancement rate along with excellent performance exhibited by Sjain, was strong enough to catch the attention of IITians and motivate them to impart their skills for a promising state like ours.

With a mission and vision to shepherd the evolution of Chhattisgarh, Sjain will continue to act as a forefront leader in nurturing young talents from all over the world. This will be achieved by leveraging the right mix of innovation, capabilities and ambient intelligence.

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