Sjain at Gitex 2017

GITEX 2017: Two Days of Ideas, Innovations & Ecstasy

We’re living in the technologically advanced era. And you all would agree with the fact that today it is impossible to imagine a life without gadgets which have become an integral part of our daily routine. The tech world is evolving at a much higher rate and is always ready to give a solution to the worldly concerns. Whatever the sector is, if you have a locked door, the tech world has a key to it. And to discover all the life-changing keys, people from all over the globe have come down to Dubai at GITEX Technology Week 2017.
And we’re happy to be a proud exhibitor at the mega tech show.

It’s our first ever appearance at GITEX, Dubai. The event started on October 08th ‘2017. In the past two days, we had met several dignitaries from around the world who were looking for IT, MEDIA & CONSULTING services for their businesses. We had a warm conversation with the top management persons from various companies.

Everyone we have met till now truly appreciated the range of services we’re offering on a friendly budget. The best part of the show is that we’re representing Chhattisgarh and its remarkable journey in the tech domain. Also, sharing the global vision with tycoons from varied industries will help us to boost the strategies in the future, creating a better world for one and all.

Three more days to go.
Want to meet us?
Come to Stand Number: SR-E20
Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Center
And to know more about the happenings, stay around, stay online!

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