It was a joyous occasion as the ecstatic Sjain Ventures family and friends came together to celebrate the 25th birthday of its founder and managing director Shri Shreyansh Jain- a technocrat who needs no introduction.
Grandfather of Shreyansh sir graced the occasion with his blessed presence along with Dr. B C Jain and Dr. Sunita Jain (parents of Shri Shreyansh Jain) among other elated family members.
The celebration began with the Birthday jingle sung in unison by the Sjain family and friends, followed by the ceremonious cutting of Birthday cake.
The birthday cake was decorated with a clay replica of Shreyansh sir
It was a moment of gleeful fellowship and bonding as the team members from all the departments, along with their heads, the intern IITian students and members of Shri Shreyansh ji`s family had a sumptuous lunch together.
A post lunch party was held, various games played with loads of fun. The entire fleet was divided into three groups and they played Dumb-Charades, Antaakshri and Pass-the-Ball. There were refreshments amidst the games. Loads of selfies and groupfies taken. And yes! Popping off the balloons.
The group selfie, just before the lunch, of the entire Sjain team with the newly acquired phantom 4 drone was the most festal and memorable moment. Check out the videos and snaps at sjain venture`s FB page.
This propitious occasion also came as a pleasant surprise for Ms. Phalguni Sarkar, the content writer, as she was presented the “Performer of the Month” award for the month of May 2016, for her excellent content writing skills and the zealous efforts she put into, to ensure a great running rig for the company. Ms. Phalguni attributed the award of appreciation to the entire team and team heads for being really encouraging and caring amidst last moment briefs and rounds of reviews and approvals to get through the next tasks.

All the joy and all the fun that the entire team had cannot be expressed in mere words – so here`s a collage of the festive occasion.BeFunky Collage

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