Celebrating humanity on the joyous occasion of Shreyansh sir`s betrothal with Divya mam

Celebrating humanity on the joyous occasion of Shreyansh sir’s betrothal with Divya mam

It was an occasion of joy, bliss and a celebration of humanity as the affianced couple MD Shreyansh sir and Divya mam intended to pay tribute to the destitute and the depraved of the society as a token of love and gratitude.
A team of about 25 employees from sjain ventures flocked to the leprosy patients at the leprosy ward in the district hospital at Pandri, Raipur, to shower them with gifts and a lavish sumptuous lunch. 100 shawls were distributed as well, in lieu of the onset winter in a couple of months when most of the pariah patients will suffer extreme cold and advanced liaisons as they are mostly insensitive to the temperature fluctuation and the infections that the seasons bring upon.
An old patient was quick enough to lap on the shawl, opened it and spread it across, whiffing the pleasant aroma of the fresh mint of the linen and wool. Tears rolled down with an allayed grin that will be memorable for all the sjain staff who would have expected nothing but words of blessings and grace from the humble patients.
The noble gesture from the sjain ventures family will go a long way. Not only it was exemplary for the staff but it also sowed a seed of adjutancy in the society.
The venture has been doing humanitarian aid ever since its inception in ways it could help accomplish the parity among the society, whether it be igniting the digital flame of progress through employment opportunity in the IT sector of the state, or help unprivileged students get access to brilliant prep stuff for their IITs and dream careers.
With promises of seeing them again, the affectionate staff returned to celebrate the joyous occasion that heralded this; a sumptuous luncheon post wedding jubilation of the betrothed couple Shreyansh sir and Divya mam who also joined for the same.
The occasion also turned into a birthday bash as it was Divya mam`s birthday and slices of cakes plattered the luncheon later.
The day culminated into much joy, affection and celebration. The sjain family is looking forward to more such joyous occasion. And yes you are cordially invited!



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