Celebrating ‘Cricket’ with CTL & Driving Greater Prospects in the State

Sjain Ventures has always been the torch-bearer when it comes to doing things differently. We have accomplished several events covering business exhibitions to music nights and many more. But this time, we have collaborated with a ‘thought’. A thought that might come along with hurdles and challenges at every step, but a thought that will surely bear the right amount of opportunities for the untapped pool of talent in the state.

Don’t be, just keep reading!
We strongly believe that Chhattisgarh is truly blessed when it comes to potential and ability to achieve. The only thing missing is a right platform. From the past six months, the team is working in the direction and was trying to set a powerful platform for the youth. And we are extremely happy to announce that finally after a heck lot of hard work & sleepless nights, we have discovered a ‘thought’ (as mentioned before) to mark a new era in Central India.
Let’s not make it more complicated and unveil the mystery.

It’s Central India’s biggest sporting event – CTL (Chhattisgarh T-20 League), the first ever T-20 Cricket League of Chhattisgarh and Sjain Ventures stands as the proud Digital Media Partner of the event. CTL will bridge the gaps between a pool of talent and abundant opportunities. The league will not only showcase the immense potential but will also assure better future prospects with substantial pecuniary benefits, for players & state as well. The league will surely manifest a professional environment for the players.

CTL is organized by Power Sport Plus Foundation, a sporting society that aims to bolster and endorse ‘Cricket’ in the tribal land.

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Logo Launch Event

On December 12th ‘2017, in a grand event organized at Zone – By the Park, the logo was revealed followed by the website launch. The event was the main highlight of the day and was wholeheartedly embraced all through the media. The event is scheduled from March 10th ‘2018 to March 24th ‘2018 that will surely nurture positive attitude towards the sport in the state and will identify fresh talents.
Working for a better world because together we can make a difference.


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