IT Fair


The exhilarating privilege of representing the state in the most prominent IT fair of the world CeBIT organized in Bengaluru came to a jubilant climax, when we were selected by the international organizer Deutsche Messe, for the upcoming international IT fair scheduled in Germany. We will be representing India under the Make in India program in the prestigious fair.

This is an opportunity to tap into the versatile Euro economy zone, which is in dire need of austere tech services providers following the downfall of Greek economy and the turmoil going on in the economic and political diaspora of the continent.

As of 2012 only 15 of the top 100 global IT companies are headquartered in Europe, and of these, none is the leader in its market segment, reports the financial times. Spear heading into a market such as this with our expertise and experience would not only be a golden opportunity for us but also contribute to the robust economy and IT infra of the India with the value of Rupee strengthening via more jobs and outsourced works in India.  As for the Working with an integrated IT firm such as ours would be a major reboot to the almost defunct brands in need of revival and global bigwigs in need of renovation and strategic changes. For the European Union nations, lacking sufficient IT manpower, the make in India and digital India initiatives would mean cost cutting and frugal savings, entailing to a prosperous confluence of the European Union and a congruent boost in the economy of the largely agronomy based Chhattisgarh state.

IT Fair

IT Fair

Sjain ventures were the proud representatives of the state Chhattisgarh in the STPI MSME stalls, showcasing our proficient services in IT, MEDIA and CONSULTANCY. The stall was visited by executives, corporate honchos, enquirers and critics. The presentation and the freebies offered by us was applauded by one and all.

Following the digital anointment for the upcoming international IT fair in Germany, the government of India has graciously offered our services subsidy under the ECS scheme which will entail a boost up in the services we render to the prospective global client base.

From a humble startup to national and international recognition has been a stimulating venture so far. This milestone is no hibernation rather a prompt for much more efforts to invest and strategize for the effervescing IT sector in the state.

The company after the recent successful venture is going on a huge campus drive across the state to tap into the huge potential of skilled IT manpower, which usually migrate to other states for better prospects. A large scale statewide recruitment would not only provide employment opportunity in the IT sector in Chhattisgarh but also help curb outsourcing. This would supplement the state`s Make in Chhattisgarh program and the larger wheel it’s the spoke of i.e. Make in India program.

The digital transformation that the state is going through especially with the development of the new capital Naya Raipur as the India`s first ever green smart city provides avenues for startups and the pioneers in the IT sector of Chhattisgarh.

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