Sjain Ventures at CeBIT 2015

We take much pride and joy in announcing our latest achievement. Representing the state in the world`s largest IT fair CeBIT, being handpicked by the international organizer Deutsche Messe.
The fair is an international showcase of Indian IT firms and startups, with seminars and workshops for the chief operating officers and the CEOs. The fair boasts of angel investors taking up startup ventures and putting them in the pedestals. Delegating own firm in the fair is nerve wreckage! It’s a red letter day for Sjain ventures to be selected for the showcase and represent our state Chhattisgarh. Pride moment for the state as well, as we are the only firm to have ever represented the state in such a global platform.

This year`s CeBIT fair is being held in the silicon valley of India, Bengaluru, from 29th to 31st Oct 2015. The fair will be studded with a galaxy of representatives, leaders and experts from the IT sector from around the globe.
The fair provides open-season for global investors and MNCs looking for outsourcing and offshoring companies.
CeBIT presents an opportunity for all the participating companies, firms and investors to mingle and integrate in a single platform and resolve for a better world with ease and access of integrated technology to the common man.
We are more than confident to be in the midst of it all with our excellent team.

This fair adds to many feathers in our cap, being furbished by our satisfied clients and trustworthy services.
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