CeBIT 2017 | opens new global avenues for the company

CeBIT 2017 | opens new global avenues for the company

CeBIT the world’s largest IT expo has become a part of Sjain Ventures` journey towards innovation, excellence and expertise.
4th representation including its 2nd consecutive participation in the global edition of the expo, has boosted and bolstered the stature of the company internationally.
The recent edition of CeBIT 2017 was held in Hannover, Germany where the venture represented the IT prowess of the state of Chhattisgarh and the digitally empowered nation, that India has become of late.
The MD Mr. Shreyansh Jain himself sat in the stall representing the company and cinching many a deals with global clienteles. Many firms too have come forward to collaborate with the venture in varied domain of IT. The 4 days expo that started on 20th of march was wrapped up on 24th with Sjain having more than a fair share of limelight amid a hoard of IT giants. Being a pioneer in the state have made Sjain Ventures a name to reckon with and CeBIT has just added one among many feathers in its laurelled cap.
The company is looking forward to expand its base and team in the near future and create more opportunities for job in the IT sector.

Join us to become a part of our milestones and accolades.

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