Beaming 7th anniversary celebrations at Sjain Ventures

Beaming 7th anniversary celebrations at Sjain Ventures

Sjain Ventures has solemnized its 7th anniversary in a grandiose event held at the office premises. Company’s honorable director, Mr. B.C. Jain was present to exhort and stimulate the chancellery. To solemnize the celebrations and to commemorate this milestone, Sjain Ventures planned a series of exciting programs. The company took pride in celebrating the accolades that have been received, as testament to heritage of being central India’s No. 1 ‘Digital Company’ founded by Dr. B.C. Jain.

“On Monday, April 4th 2016, Sjain Ventures marked its 7th anniversary with aristocratic celebrations. The photos that follow speak volumes about the commitment of the people in our organization, the strength of our teams and the pride in the business we continue to build. Thank you all so much for your great efforts and for making this epochal occasion such a special one.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 –          Mr. Shreyansh Jain

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Managing Director, Sjain Ventures

After a busy morning of e-marketing and client servicing, every department chipped in ideas and ended up in a grand celebration idea. The entire Sjain Ventures family worked together to decorate the premises and prepare a delectable spread that included the all time favorite mouth-watering snacks. Each one on board shared a few good laughs as everyone reflected on good times all had experienced while under the employment of the esteem venture, chatting about what the future holds for the company. Everyone gathered together at the conference hall for the snacks feast which added a bliss to the event. More importantly , the harmony and camaraderie amongst the staff members could be felt as everyone shouted in unison – HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY Sjain Ventures!!!

Beaming 7th anniversary celebrations at Sjain Ventures

The evening’s highlight was a cake cutting ceremony by company’s honorable director, Dr. B.C. Jain along with his spouse Mrs. Sunita Jain. The office, decorated with ribbons and balloons, looked resplendent and a delicious cake on the happy occasion made it worth enjoying .On this special occasion the diligent and outstanding performers were presented with ‘Performer of the Month’ certificates, to appreciate their digital excellence. Everyone was in a cheerful mood and posed happily for the group photograph. Company’s MD. Mr. Shreyansh Jain, and the entire Sjain Ventures’ team was present to witness this proud & splendid moment.

With years of digital supremacy, Sjain Ventures is one of the largest digital service providers, offering its advisory, service and inspection expertise throughout the globe. Areas of activity include IT, Media and Consulting. Venture occupies a unique position in the sector based on its work in the described domains and is firmly committed to its guiding principle and watchword- Excellence, Innovation, Expertise.

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