Internet.Org- A Platform Scaled Up By Facebook to Increase Usage

Facebook Inc scheduled to scale up its service to provide basic internet on mobile phones at free of cost said by an executive after launching the application in 17 developing countries over the past year.

A blog post released to mark the 1st year of the initiative in which Facebook said that it will start a portal enabling the mobile operator to provide the services under the platform named Internet.org. Presently Facebook partners with specific to start the service in diverse countries.

This platform has brought up over 9 million folks online over the past year. This platform was developed by the Facebook with 6 technology partners to reach the estimated target of 4.5 billion unconnected folks online especially in Latin America, Asia and Africa.



It provides pared-down web services at free of cost to users along with access to Facebook’s own messaging and social network services.

It is clear from the blog post by the Facebook that this service had brought new users into the mobile networks with an average of over 20 percent faster and that more than half the folks making use of Internet .org are paying for data within 30 days to access the wider internet.

This is actually a client acquisition tool for the mobile operators where the advantage to them of providing a very little amount of free data is to achieve more number of paying subscribers to their networks.

The cost of data being used to access the services was not paid by the Facebook. The application launched in India in February in partnership with Reliance communications, Internet.org faced backlash with several leading internet companies and leading technologies pulling out of the service after activists claimed that it debased neutral internet’s principles.

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