Monthly Archives: May 2010

Edicell – A Forum of 200 IITIANS

Sjain Ventures provides educational solutions via pdf. This pdf given below explains why a JEE aspirant needs mentoring by an IITan. This shows that the IITian will be with you like your friend to help you in getting selection in your dream college, IIT. [embeddoc url=””]

Seminar on Educell

Sjain Ventures conducted seminar and provided information brochure on EDUCELL. This Seminar and brochure focuses on the EDUCELL which is becoming an ultimate path for the IIT-JEE aspirants to crack IIT entrance exam.

Launched Information Brochure of Educell

Sjain Ventures launched information brochure on EDUCELL. It explains about EDUCELL, shows the newspaper cuttings of press releases based on EDUCELL. It clearly shows why you need the help of a mentor. [embeddoc url=””]