Monthly Archives: May 2009

Initial Seminar About Educell

Sjain Ventures presented the initial seminar (PPT) on behalf of EDUCELL. It will really help the IIT aspirants to make them clear on what they have to do and when they have to do. This PPT clearly shows that EDUCELL is the ultimate destination for all the IIT-JEE aspirants to Read More

Launched Newly Designed Prospectus1

Launched Newly Designed Prospectus

Sjain ventures launched the newly designed prospectus covering all the topics and images related to the topic. This fully designed prospectus includes About IIT-JEE and its course details and also contains test series which will help the IIT aspirants to reach the right place to crack IIT-JEE.  

Initial Magazine Launched Named Eduzine 2009

Sjain Ventures launched their initial magazine for EDUCELL named EDUZINE 2009 describing each and every information about EDUCELL such as “Birth of EDUCELL”, “Mentoring Guidelines”, “Campus Diary”, etc.. [embeddoc url=””]