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Bharat Kiraya Bhandar

The Journey from Being a Commodity to Being a Brand

Bharat Kiraya Bhandar has been in the field of event management since 56 years and has a very good clientele and thus their business was increasing rapidly. But they never became a brand as they were not able to brand their architecture and are not able to create brand visibility. Over the last few years Sjain Ventures are working with them to enhance their brand's visibility in an effective and efficient way. This helped BKB to manage services focusing on customer needs and to face the challenges in the event management industry.

Providing efficient services for clienteles requires a wide range of technologies. Making an event successful is a challenging task as ensuring the best possible experience of clients is a main challenge. Lately when KBC came to Raipur, BKB had a high hope of grabbing this big project but they failed to grab this because of not being a brand.

BKB then requires a solution that would provide them end-to-end performance visibility. It helps to recognize and to solve the problem at the very moment when they face. Additionally to maximize the ease of use for customers, BKB innovated more effective techniques with the aid of Sjain. Sjain worked together with BKB to gain online presence in the region of online marketing to help them to grab more customers.

The team from Sjain worked together closely with BKB to solve their problems. Sjain rebranded the BKB started from logo redesigning, created website, stationary, photography and provided aggressive social media marketing. This requires detailed analysis of requirements and process definitions, as well as developing solutions to deliver the highest possible levels of customer service.

Sjain uses unique and innovative techniques to promote BKB and to increase their brand's visibility. End-to-end service is enabled by providing customer service operatives with an intuitive graphical interface. The work of Sjain enables to address and solve the issues of customers.

As well as ensuring that customer issues are resolving quickly, BKB wants to offer the services in a well manner so that client do not have to worry about anything. By their combined in-depth knowledge and experience in the online industry, the team from Sjain provides excellent service to provide complete solutions to meet the business goals of BKB.

By seeking help from Sjain, BKB brand visibility has increased rapidly. Sjain had boosted the BKB's business to 30% within a month which becomes a great start for them to grab the targeted audience.

The Sjain enables BKB to deliver superior customer services, giving customers an ease to contact with them at any moment. These performance and automation levels have achieved breakthrough results for customer service by improving customer satisfaction. The efficiency service of Sjain has increased the visibility of BKB. As a result, they grabbed many clienteles and thus their business had developed quickly. These benefits contribute to improved customer satisfaction in a highly competitive market where customer experience is a key driver of achieve the business goals.

Overall, by providing an approach that includes leading techniques with a keen understanding of BKB's strategy, Sjain have provided a platform which enable BKB to continue delivering top class service in a rapidly-evolving market.

According to management team of BKB, the capability to collaborate is important for the success of any business. The harmonizing strength of Sjain has helped us to a great extent to improve our brand's visibility and thus it helps in driving more customers.


The first step in business is to gather information.


Drawing from the information gathered up to this point.


The development is not necessarily over, though.

Mental Ice Cream

Mental Ice Cream, based in Chhattisgarh, has been producing classy ice creams since 1.5 years. They made their reputation in this industry as one of the best ice cream distributers in Chhattisgarh. Founder and Managing Director, Deepak Wadhwani and Harish Wadhwani, an efficient ice cream maker based in Chhattisgarh, attributes this success in making ice cream spreading smile and sweetness.

For every business to get establish, it needs a wide range of knowledge regarding each and every aspect related with it. Delivering 100% satisfactory customer service is a difficult task as it is essential to get the best possible experience of clients which is the main challenge in every business.

Sjain suggested two names for brand - "MENTAL" and "CYCO", as they are in a need of unique and catchy name for their brand and finally they decided to use Mental as their brand name. After this Mental was in a need of some solutions which can provide them end-to-end performance visibility as these solutions will help them to understand and resolve the problem when they face. Then Sjain provided eye-catching tag lines as a part of promotion before the establishment of their business. i.e; "Be prepared to become Mental" and after the establishment it become "Icy Way to Become Mental" and "Crazy for Ice Cream, Have Mental Ice Cream".

Mental implemented more innovatory techniques with the help of Sjain to exploit the ease of customer. Sjain worked with Mental to gain brand reputation in this field as it will help them to grab more customers.

The Sjain team worked together with Mental to solve their issues whenever they face any sort of problems. Sjain promoted the mental starting from outdoor media, hoarding to commercial ads and also done promotion via radio's and social media marketing. They done packaging designing and helped mental in establishing their business across Chhattisgarh and nearby places like M.P, Jharkhand and Orissa. Sjain helped a lot in delivering reliable and affordable customer service fulfilling their needs.

Sjain promoted their brand and increased their online visibility by implementing innovative and effective strategies that helped them in building a strong relationship with clients. They are capable enough to provide customer service operatives at every mode. The team at Sjain always take care of each and every issues that their client faces and will take necessary steps to solve it.

Mental desires to deliver the services in an appropriate manner so that their clienteles will not have to concern about anything. The team at Sjain ventures provided ideal service to mental to meet their business goals by their experience and knowledge.

This results in the form of having around 200 retail shops and 40 distributors. Brand visibility of Mental has increased rapidly with the help of Sjain. The team from Sjain had boosted the Mental's business to more than 50% within a short span of time that had become a great start for them to get customers.

The Sjain enables Mental to deliver quality service which has increased the production of Mental among other local brands like Celesty and Kaps. Kaps has been in this field since 20 years and Celesty since around 8 years but was not able to attain an excellent reputation as compared to Mental. As a result, they attained good reputation across Chhattisgarh and thus their business had developed rapidly.

Sjain with their keen knowledge helped Mental to deliver quality service in the form of ice creams among other known brands.

According to the management team of Mental, the strength of Sjain team has helped us a lot to improve our reputation.



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