Brand Collaterals

Branding collateral, in sales and marketing, is sometimes considered as the collection of media that is used to support the sales of the service or product. The word "collateral" exactly referred to brochures made as sales support tools. These sales supports are planned to make the sales effort simpler and more effective. The brand of the organization generally presents itself by the way of its collateral to improve its brand by a reliable message and other media.

Branding Collaterals are the collection of consistent collaterals that is used to endorse the brand and to support the marketing and sales of service or product. It's the real evidence of the brand, designed congruent with the core values and personality of brands.

Brandbook of Sjain Ventures

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Brandbook of DMS Infosystem

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Brandbook of BrandBoyz

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Brochure of Sjain Ventures

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