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An App for Your Business

Today it`s ubiquitous to have an app for your online venture whether you are a flourishing business enterprise, or just an entrepreneur or a startup with big dreams. An app is your business a tap away for prospect clients and loyal customers.

Here`s a couple of reasons why you should have an app for your venture and how Sjain Ventures can help you in the same.

(1)    An app stays on your customer`s device as a brand ambassador for your business.

(2)    An app essentially negates the necessity to visit either the online store or the brick and mortar one. That’s one of its hallmarks.

(3)    An app stays as a constant assistant in your esteemed client or customer’s device.

(4)    An app brings Brand credibility to your business whether established or a newbie.

Thus constant visibility and accessibility add wings to any venture.

Apps are made for the following platforms viz. Android, IOS and Windows for the devices running on the mentioned OS. They are made available as either premium or freemium at the App store by Apple, the Google Play store for android segments and the Windows app store for the windows app.

Major companies that have grown in leaps and bounds are the likes of Google, Apple, and Disney etc. many governmental agencies, healthcare sector, authors, artists, productions, FMCGs jumped wagon and have gained immense popularity and financial success; even video games launched as lightweight apps became an instant hit with hardcore and casual gamers alike adding revenue to some of the defunct studios, giving the gaming industry a new lease across all gaming genres.

An app for your business | Sjain Ventures
Thus an App not necessarily is bound to a specific niche for business building rather cater to the needs, demands, requirements and wishes of a wider user base and service providers.

An app can get you from an instant pizza delivery, to an online redress of any grievance pertaining to your street. It can hook you for hours with games or hook you up with a life partner even!

Sketching an app from scratch and making it available for the prospects could be a nightmare at the elm`s street. Quality supersedes every marketing strategies and an App with a great UX and UI with seamless functionality is the one that sustains. Custom building an enterprise app is a breeze at Sjain Ventures. Apps are akin to your regular physical store in terms of design and utility and thus can be vaguely categorized as a product in itself. The shabbier the app, the lower the chances of its popularity and user base and in turn lower revenue from the thriving app market segment.

Creating a quality App with data management system and back end services for the same with promptness and on time delivery is what differentiates Sjain Ventures from the rest.

We wireframe the needs and scope of the venture with the client to modulate and bespoke the app and additionally get the branding done for the app. Bug patches and revamping of the app is done in accordance with the trends and evolving market.

Client satisfaction is the freebie we offer with our services. Do get in touch with our team for a demo.

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