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Why Make in India matters?

CeBIT – world’s largest IT expo is at hand. The expo has been an incubator for several dreams and aspirations of many a ventures locally and globally.

Sjain Ventures have been a regular at the showcase ever since it was handpicked by the organizers to represent chhattisgarh in its 2015 B`lore edition. The show has been a success in many ways more than one, as it helps enterprises large and small to attune to the future that is yet to come and and handshake with the prospect stakeholders.

Most of the companies participating have been a newbie or neonates gradually making a footing in divergent domains across the Information and Automation technology sector.

CeBIT brings in the youthful reverberation across the industry, a panacea for the ailing tech sector and the economy as an overall. And more so for the world looking at alternatives to the Chinese monopoly in the market.

Having represented the state of Chhattisgarh at CeBIT India in 2015 and 2016 – we can assure you that your buck can safely have a harbor in India; more so in Chhattisgarh.

Why Chhattisgarh? And Why Sjain Ventures?

Chhattisgarh might ring cowbell to yer ears, but then that’s exactly the point. You heard it right. The state despite economically slugging behind and barely catching up, is one among the emerging IT hub in India, with tier 3 cities like raipur, bhilai and bilaspur bubbling with skilled manpower at a rather unbelievably lower HR- some even thrice as less for what you would have generally paid and bargained for while outsourcing! Impressive right? Reasonable, affordable and reliable – the IT sector in chhattisgarh has been wooing clientele across the globe; with an entire IT Park to be set up in its capital to be -Naya Raipur.

Additionally when you switch your production or any project for that matter to chhattisgarh you get a baggage of goodies from the state government that has ensured that the state is flexible in ease of doing business with companies across the globe with several MOUs signed up with international players in recent years. Besides; you also have a plethora of opportunity to invest in the state in divergent sectors without any hassle.

Why Sjain? Shameless promotion! Ain’t we up to that 🙂 well…the hawker yells and beckon.

Sjain Ventures has been working cheek by jowl with startups and government agencies to proliferate a surge of digital literacy in the state and also provide best in class IT services across various domains. The sole vision of the company to enable IT and disable unemployment make the venture stand out amid the rat race to who becomes the first multi billionaire MNC in the state.

It’s a moment of joy and a pride as we stride over to Hannover this march to showcase our IT MEDIA & CONSULTING prowess at world`s largest IT showcase CeBIT.

For a range of services we cater to and to avail invites for CEBIT 2017 Hannover, at the Sjain Ventures desk at stall no. 4 hall no. D 11/10 head over here See ya at CeBIT 2017.

Join the wagon and be a part of our soft trudge in the journey of a thousand miles!


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