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Yet another CeBIT yet another venture. As the global economy prods into the domain of social innovation and home bred tech, shepherding the shambling third world economy, ensuring that they get on their feet with resources hitherto inaccessible to them, Sjain has consistently shown its commitment in contributing to the cause through various measures.

Information technology has always been at the heart of what Sjain does. The dissemination of information technology across diverse demography in one of the most digitally illiterate state of India have been sort of a challenge for the venture. With an aptitude that beat its competitors on the face of recession and a global wind that keeps on hitting the IT sector with fluctuating degrees, Sjain Ventures have risen and stayed atop as the numero uno in central India with clients spanning nationally and globally. The company has also contributed to numerous academic ventures and schemes directly and indirectly collaborating with both public and private entities, thus creating a culture of giving back to the society in terms of what it actually needs and is lacking. This has always been the prior agenda of the company and the board of management comprising of some of the most brilliant minds of the nation, top notch IITians left no stone unturned in ensuring that this vision of the company is implemented through its mission via its collaterals.

The stepping stone of the company was an edu venture that catered to unprivileged students access to a plethora of invaluable academic and prep materials to incubate sans money minting coachings, a crop of students ready for competition. Competing for their aspirations and dreams had never been easier and economical for these students who could barely afford their education. The collateral that dealt with the same though is on a standstill yet warming up for some unique outta box schemes to deliver what it has always sought to and has been doing with panache and elegance.

Looking forward to an ever better and brighter world, as the venture participate (in CeBIT world summit) to reinvigorate its passion and determination to pursue excellence in its services and deliver the best.

Check in here, forĀ a range of services we cater to and to avail invites for CEBIT 2017 Hannover, at the Sjain desk at stall no. 4 hall no. D 11/10 head . See ya at CeBIT 2017.

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