Building the vibe | Undoing the Hype

Of late the buzz has been around the trending! The trending has have had all the hashtags. All hash tags seem to be conspiring. All the conspiring seem to be transcribing. Transcribing the downfall of the uprising. The uprising of the startup culture. The culture that barely could start up to begin with. To begin with there had been too much inconsistency. Inconsistency of thought. Thought without any vision. Without vision (my) people perish. Brands perish. A whole ecosystem built around the brand perishes. Baffled and befuddled? Don`t be.

The recent uprising of the startup culture – the resurrection of the dead brands – the huge layoffs – the IPO of snap(chat) – the waning buzz around the overtly hyped; has pundits scurrying over scratch the surface of the first pop of the bubble they had assumed too safe to begin with. It is annoying and amusing at the same time as to why analysts are dubbed prophets of doom who predict the obvious! The fad is fazing it seems now with layoffs across the nation. Not only the economy has shattered with shard lying around as if the thistles of the already an economy on the downfall wasn’t enough. The only industry that seems untouched by the whamming recession and the recent startup burst is the conventional educational sector. So what do we make of it? A post of about a 250 words should not persuade you to become an analyst of sorts pulling off the limbs of the dead mosquito. Doesn’t make any sense.

Any business, any startup or any brand for that matter needs a grassroot strategy built up at the foundation. A well thought out – properly laid out – a people’s first and people`s last – with money of course somewhere in between – vision. A vision that doesn’t compromises on ethics and ethos. A vision that is not blind-sighted or short-sighted for that matter.

It’s a moment of joy and a pride as we head over to Hannover this march to showcase our IT MEDIA & CONSULTING prowess at world`s largest IT showcase CeBIT.

For a range of services we cater to and to avail invites for CEBIT 2017 Hannover, at the Sjain desk at stall no. 4 hall no. D 11/10 head over here. See ya at CeBIT 2017.

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