Serving worst in class! The buck stops here!

Well…here we are! With all the automation tools at our disposal, all the technologies at our behest. Yet satisfying the client and garnering prospects remains ephemeral at worst despite the will to; for want of better infrastructure (quite often); for lack of efficiency in team (more often).The run off the mill deliverables which are at best “worst in class”! For all the boardroom strategies, piling presentations upon presentations, aborted ideas at the recycle bin (seldom recycled- ha), the compressed images that litters through the swaths of documents and stationery- index finger+gerund towards – declining business revenues; dwindling customers; cuz ? well! Nothin immersive to engage.

At the heart of the disengagement is the abundance of mundane and the cliched mirth of content and design, a typical portal is textured with. Go online and check for vendors that are not a brand. You would land up in an online slum stinking with visual clutter and cacophony of plain bland content!

Unless you really wanna order the tastiest taco the taco-wala site is known for – you would forgive the UI and just let it go for the yum. But the buck stops where a portal completely go beserk, without retaining a customer or a client. Branding solely is not the solution to the issue. Sustainable branding that evolves and is flexible might resolve. Like the multitude of waves that arise and fade away in the shore, thousands if not millions of ventures have smogged in.

Seeing is Believing | Believing is Buying

Its downright that simple. You wanna make believe the customer into buying your products and services and unless the process is engaging you ain’t proposing `em to. Nope! You are not.

Brand relationship is the only kind of relationship where you get engaged first and then comes the proposal!

You don’t propose until you engage. And once you do. Its an “I DO” moment for your client.

Bottom line is you make your stuff – whatever it is- whether a web portal, or an e-book or just about anything – you make it appealing.

It’s a moment of joy and a pride as we head over to Hannover this march to showcase our IT MEDIA & CONSULTING prowess at world`s largest IT showcase CeBIT.

For a range of services we cater to and to avail invites for CEBIT 2017 Hannover, at the Sjain desk at stall no. 4 hall no. D 11/10 head over here. See ya at CeBIT 2017.

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